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Raspberry Pi: Monitoring the Temperature in Fahrenheit, Using Python

I was interested in monitoring the temperature of the CPU, and there’s an easy command for that: /opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp Go ahead and try it sometime, it will give the following type of output:temp=61.0’C Every tutorial I looked up used this command, so the solutions they came up with always had the temperature in Celsius. I …

Compiling AdvanceMAME 3.9 on a Raspberry Pi 4

It’s a breeze! Well, almost. Following the build instructions inside the “docs” folder of the source (download at https://www.advancemame.it/.) worked fine to give me an install. (Don’t forget to run advcfg, the video configuration utility, first, I had “no video device found” until I had run it), on my 4K monitor, though. it only displayed …